Journal Prompts For A Quiet Day

Social distancing can make the days feel quiet, but this is a perfect time to get in touch with yourself by writing in a journal. No matter what you write, journaling can be a great stress reliever, help you stay organized, or inspire creativity. We came up with a few prompts to help you get started!

Journal Writing Prompts

Imagine your dream house. What does it look like? Describe it with details.

Write about three things you can't live without and why.

If you could go back in time and change something in the past, what would it be and why?

How would you describe yourself? Pretend your a narrator describing a character in a book.

What are some of the qualities you look for in friends?

Did COVID-19 ruin something you were looking forward to? Pretend you go to experience it anyways and write about it.

Write a thank you letter to your body. Be nice! You wouldn't be you without it.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What goals would you like to have accomplished by then and what new goals would you like to be striving for when that time comes?

List your top 10 favorite moments of your life.

Name a fear you want to overcome and some steps you can take to do so. 

Pittsburgh Themed Topics

Write about a local Pittsburgh business that you love.

Describe your favorite bridge in the city and tell what makes it your favorite.

Write about the perfect Pittsburgh day.

What Pittsburgh icon do you admire most and why?

What are 3 unique things in Pittsburgh you can't find anywhere else?

Now that you've been inspired by journal prompts, you need a journal to write in! We have 3 different sized notebooks from toomanysparkles that will help you fulfill your journal writing needs. 

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Upcycled Fabric Notebook

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Mini Boss Notebook

This Boss mini notebook is perfect to take with you on the go and will fit in your purse. Its pages are dotted and can be utilized for bullet journaling. We love the deep aqua color!


love, Pittsburgh Notebook

This love, Pittsburgh Notebook is a larger take on the previous notebook and designed for the writer who loves Pittsburgh! With its dotted pages, you can write your thoughts, create lists, or sketch things out.

We hope you're able to find a moment of peace during the craziness with your journal. Check out the rest of our notebooks here!

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