Jeff Of Wood Street Frame Shop

Jeff Of Wood Street Frame Shop

We are huge fans of Jeff Speicher, owner of Wood Street Frame Shop. Did you know he has a twin sister named Germaine? And that his last name means “loft” in German? Well, now you do! Here is a bit more about our go-to framer, Jeff.


Where are you from?


Jeff grew up in Baldwin and went to St. Elizabeth High School. He stayed in the South Hills and is now living in Castle Shannon.

How did you get started?


Jeff studied Mechanical Drafting at The American Technical Institute. This school was located in the original GNC headquarters downtown. When he finished school, Jeff worked at an art gallery in the lower level of this building. In 1995, he took over the lease of the gallery and Wood Street Frame Shop was born (27 years ago!)

What is your favorite building Downtown?

He shares that he absolutely loves the Union Trust building. Sometimes he will find an excuse to cut through the lobby, just to look up into the atrium.

Where can our customers find you?

429 Fourth Avenue

Lower Level One

Pittsburgh, PA 15219


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Enjoyed learning about Jeff and his frame business. Also like knowing his favorite building. So many lovely buildings to choose from!
Definitely I will check out his shop, thank you for the introduction.


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