Introducing Maker Moments

Introducing Maker Moments

Gather in the name of local as we kick off our new event series, Maker Moments.  These hyper-local events are a chance to meet and learn about featured artists, sip on beverages brewed by our neighbors at Cinderlands, and get access to perks like shopping discounts and a chance to win local merch.  Get your ticket now to this limited admission event, plus all ticket sales go directly to the artists! 


 Strip District store

Kick-off Event

Join us at our Strip District store on January 26 from 5:30 - 7:00pm where you'll get an introduction to two local artists featured in our kickoff event, Cecil Street Knots and Wicksburgh Candles.


Featured Artists

Both artists are prior love, Pittsburgh dream team members and we're so excited to see them continuing with their creative endeavors in a way that we can feature in our stores.  We hope you'll find their stories about their love of using their hands and creating art inspiring as you may be crafting new hobbies as a resolution for the new year. 


Cecil Street Knots

Founded by Janette Barbosa, fiber artist based out of Sharpsburg. Artist’s creations vary from functional pieces to art pieces. Everything is handmade with string, rope, and/or yarn and with a lot of love!


Wicksburgh Candles 

Founded by Cheryl Signore of Observatory Hill. She hand pours dreamy scents and crafts playful beeswax candles that double as decor in classic and seasonal shapes.


Event Perks

Additionally, we are offering a special shopping discount of 10% off the store, and guests will be entered for a chance to win a raffle with product from both artists and love, Pittsburgh.



Tickets are required for entry and may be purchased online through our website or at one of our stores. All guests must have a ticket to attend.  Must be 21 years old with ID to drink. 100% of ticket sales proceeds will be donated to the featured artists of the evening.


Event Details

January 26, 5:30 - 7:00pm

love, Pittsburgh Strip District

1728 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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