International Women's Day Love

International Women's Day Love

For this year's International Womens Day, we are proud to highlight several local Women's achievements. Please join us in supporting and celebrating just a few of so many incredible Pittsburgh Women. 

Nisha Blackwell

Nisha Blackwell knotzland

We feel lucky to know Nisha, and love watching the growth of Knotzland. Her upcycled fabric bow ties are each a unique fabric treasure. Now there are pillows and pouches added to the mix, and branded candles. We cannot wait to see what the Knotzland team does next!

Kirsten Lowe-Rebel

Ice House Studios is lucky to have a KLoRebel storefront on the horizon. Kirsten’s architectural renderings beautifully capture our city. Her 16th street Bridge art is a personal favorite. Go Kirsten!

Tereneh Idia

AAA Animals League mexican war street squirrels

She is not even in the country right now, but Tereneh has been making some major moves here in Pittsburgh. We are grateful to be a retail partner for the Allegheny Animals With Attitude project. Tereneh thoughtfully partners with local artists to create the art for imagined mascots of our cities neighborhoods. The Mexican War Streets Squirrels has been a favorite (art by Megan Jones.) We just added the newest mascot Homewood Deer by artist Shori Sims. Want to see even more from Tereneh?  Make sure to check out her curated show 202021: a new constellation in partnership with The Cultural Trust. Take a walking tour throughout the Cultural District to view through March.

Kim Fox

kim fox worker bird kickstarter

You know her for her popular Worker Bird bridges art and upcycled tin artwork, but did you know Kim Fox has a thing for ice fishing? Check out her new Kickstarter that includes prints, stickers, tea towels, and more, all featuring her ice shack art.

Vanessa German


Vanessa Germans Art House Go Fund Me hits us right in the heart. Her belief in the power of art, and the act of sharing what you love is really what it's all about. Please support the rebuilding of her Art House if you can.

Thanks to all the incredible women out there--and a special shout out to our small team at love, Pittsburgh-all women doing amazing things. Thank you Monica, Jen, Kelly, Sam, Lexi, Diaz, and Gabi.

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