In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom

Calling all gardeners!  While Pittsburgh may be most known for its bridges the city also features some beautiful blooms and greenery.


The More You Grow!

Here are some of the city's most common blooms!

Butterfly Weed   

First up is the Butterfly Weed.  This flower blooms June through August and loves as much sun as it can get.  It produces bright clusters of orange and yellow flowers.  But the best part about this flower is that it attracts monarchs, caterpillars, birds, and bees!

Aromatic Aster

Next up is one of my favorites, the Aromatic Aster.  This flower blooms through August and September.  It is known for its lustrous blue and purple blooms as well as its ability to attract butterflies!

Virginia Bluebells

Contrary to the name Virginia Bluebells thrive in the Pittsburgh area and can grow anywhere that receives ample amounts of rainfall.  This flower bloom from March to April.  It produces clusters of pinkish then blue shades and also blueish leaves. 

Tag us in any photos of these beautiful blooms around the city! @lovepittsburghshop

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