How To Stay Connected While Physically Distant

How To Stay Connected While Physically Distant

It's been pretty interesting, finding ways to connect with family and friends these days. Luckily we have amazing neighbors to chat with across yards and driveways. Here are a few fun things you can try to feel some love from a distance:



Our Sending Love postcard campaign is so much fun for us. We truly love feeling the kindness in the words we wrote for you. Some wrote messages to babies, pets, parents, siblings, and friends near and far. We are happy to continue hand writing and sending your messages out into this great wide world.

Pen Pals

Continuing with the USPS theme, how about finding a pen pal or two? We read about retirement homes in Florida looking for pen pals, or we can correspond with locals. A neighbor, nurse, teacher, student, or residents at an assisted living facility all seem like great writing pals. Stay tuned for a stationary kit coming soon.


Zoom calls

Who hasn’t Zoomed? Is that a noun yet? I have a weekly Happy Hour with my family, and my sister always comes prepared with 5 trivia questions to kick things off. White Whale Bookstore has incredible programming using Zoom. I've been taking live Zoom yoga classes with South Hills Power Yoga. Want to jazz up your background? Pittsburgh Magazine offers some most Pittsburgh city scenes to use as your meeting wallpaper.

Drive-by Parades

These can go both ways, where either the parade comes to you, or you take the show on the road. My Daughter turned 16 last month, and we opted for a surprise local road trip. We reached out to 8 of her friends, and asked them to make “happy birthday” signs for our drive by. Some drew chalk on their driveways, some decorated garage doors, and others held up hand drawn poster board with huge grins. These sweet small gestures totally made the milestone birthday extra special.

Treasure Hunts

How cute is the neighborhood treasure hunt? Totally loving the stuffed teddy bears in windows for "going on a bear hunt." It's also fun to see neighborhood window walks full of kids art projects. Simply identifying birds by looking and listening has become a personal favorite treasure hunt.

How are you staying connected?

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