How to Send a Card Sized Care Package

How to Send a Card Sized Care Package

I've been enjoying sending gifts to my friends that I haven't been able to see lately.  It really gives me a lift, knowing that I am able to reach out and let them know I'm thinking about them.  

The latest assortment is chock full of local goodies, yet small enough to mail in just an envelope.  

I'm sharing the package I sent to my friends Kristi and Heidi, as well as inspiration for card-sized care packages you can send to a friend!  Best of all, if you order for curbside pickup the only shipping you will pay is a couple of stamps.

Care Package for Kristi and Heidi

My friends are animal lovers and have dogs and cats in their home.  I had to represent both with these animal sticker packs by Emily McGaughey. 

They also love to read, so they will need to fight over the Bridge Bookmark by Kerf.  And I included a waterproof sticker for each of them.

The Three Sisters Mini Print comes with an envelope and everything fits inside!

I wrote my message on the back of a postcard I included, but I could have also written my note on the back of the mini print.  

When mailing letters, one stamp covers a one-ounce letter.  This was just over an ounce, so I added an "extra ounce" stamp that cost $0.15.  Shipping is a great deal on this care package totaling just 70 cents!


Black and White Care Package

Good things come in small packages, and in this case, the 16th Street Bridge card is our package.  Inside you can fit the Day and Night sticker by JeganMones, our love, Pittsburgh Patch, and even this mini notebook.


Summer Feels Care Package

There's nothing wrong with mailing a care package to yourself right?  Because I want all of the things in this one!

The Butterfly Heart Card by toomanysparkles is large enough to fit the flowery Phipps mini print by Baxter and the Bear. 

I love birds, so this Black-Capped Chickadee sticker by Keeney Designs is one of my favorites.  And what else says summer like iridescent, found on our Anniversary sticker designed for us by Yeahyelhsa.


Pittsburgh Shine Care Package

This assortment is full of gift-worthy goodies that will make your recipient feel extra special.  

A Beautiful Day card by GoCarrGo holds our Steel Logo Ornament by Audra Azoury, a collectible that can be given at any time of the year.  Our new Charm Bracelet in Coral and Sterling Silver is a little reminder of love.  And Pittsburgh classics are represented in the Yinzer Sticker Pack.

Have fun building your card-sized care packages.  Remember to add an extra ounce stamp, or just an extra regular stamp for good measure.  Tell us what you're sending and share your care packages with us!

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