How to Pick the Perfect Secret Santa Gift

How to Pick the Perfect Secret Santa Gift

 Gift giving is our specialty, and the Secret Santa gift exchange can be one of the more challenging ways to gift, but we've cracked the code so that you can win your next Secret Santa.  Read this for the best approaches for choosing a present, and 19 gift ideas they will love!

How to Host a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

If you haven't participated in a Secret Santa before, it's a beautiful gift giving circle amongst friends.  Each member is a Secret Santa to another group member.  Their identity is kept a secret so that no one knows who is buying for who.  

It is a memorable way to celebrate the holiday season in both the hunt for the perfect gift, and the surprise of receiving something from your Secret Santa.  In my opinion the fun is in the giving, knowing that you've created a special surprise for someone is priceless.

How to Pick the Perfect Secret Santa Gift

*Enter gifting experts!*

For years we have been helping folks find Secret Santa gifts that their recipients will love!  Let us help you navigate the unique challenges of finding that special Secret Santa gift.

Approach 1: Learn about their Likes

Unlike the popular White Elephant gift exchange, in a Secret Santa you know who will be receiving your present.  This gives you the opportunity to consider their interest and learn more about them.  Perhaps they love to cook, or never miss a Steeler's home tailgate, or love to stroll the trails of Frick Park.  Gifts that compliment the parts of their life they most love are a sure bet.

Gifts for Foodies

We love recommending food-forward gifts as they are so versatile and consumable. 

Steel City Salt Gift Pack

Best selling spice blends that will make their way into regular dinner rotation.


Maestro's Roasted Ghosted Hot Sauce

A sure fire way to please the pallet of those who like smoky heat.  


Cast Iron Conditioner and Scraper

For the chef who puts their cast iron to work, help them keep it in tip top shape with a scrubbing oil-based conditioner and wooden scraper.


Gifts for Coffee and Tea Drinkers

The most consumed beverage in the world is tea, and perhaps in your recipient's house, coffee too!  


Blindspot Espresso

The newest addition to our coffee lineup, an Espresso for those who like it strong.


Peppermint Mocha

A gift size portion of coffee flavored for the season.


Yinzer Tea Sampler

An assortment of 9 masterfully blended teas, with sophistcated flavors inspired by playful icons of the burgh.


Camper Mug

Don't forget to pair your drink with our best selling ceramic mug.  Plus, it's easy to care for as it's dish washer and microwave safe.


Gifts for Nature Lovers

Dendronology Candle

For those who love to study trees, this green scented candle has forest-bathing vibes.


Illustrated Tree Notecards

Created by Tree Pittsburgh, support Pittsburgh's urban forest with every note you write.


Spalted wood vase

The beauty of spalted wood shines via the hand turning process used to create this sculptural vase, pretty to stand on display on its own or with a wisp of dried flora.


Approach 2: Give Gifts with Purpose

If it's hard to pin down the interests of your giftee, it's best to go with a gift they will enjoy using.  Plus, they get to think of you each time they enjoy their gift.  Our go-to categories are gifts for their home, work, and fun.

Gifts for the Home

Charcuterie Board

A classy cutting board always comes in handy, this one is small enough to store and just big enough to be indispensable


Overlook Coasters

The Pittsburgh skyline never looked better than stretched across these sandstone coasters in timeless black and white.


Pierogi Kitchen Set

We've put together the most beloved Pittsburgh potatoey set with our Pierogi Party Gift Box.  Stocked with recipe cards, a tea towel, and a matching potholder; it gives every kitchen the hominess of Pittsburgh.



Gifts for Work

Notebook set

There is no better experience than cracking open a fresh notebook.  Give them that gift twice with this set.


Copper Skyline Coaster

A catch all that keeps the desk organized and drink-ring free with classic style.


Granola and Honey

A little fuel to keep spirits bright throughout the workday.  Throw in some Peppermint Bark to make it a true holiday treat.


Gifts for Fun

Salt Stack Gift Set

A trio of drink rim salts with bartender written recipes tucked inside.


Pittsburghese Book

Pair it with your favorite Pittsburghese word to share a yinzer giggle (you can imagine what it sounds like).


Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stack

Because you can never just have one chocolate covered pretzel.  There will even be some to share.


Be the Best Secret Santa

Now you are equipped to lean into the spirit of the Secret Santa.  It's a joy to revel in the comraderie while appreciating thougtful gifts.  Spread a little cheer with the circle of giving and receiving as a Secret Santa.

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