I am a champagne kinda lady, and always like to have a few bottles on hand for popping. Here’s the secret--there are loads of delicious bottles of bubbly under twenty bucks (personal faves are Dibon and Cristalino.) Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same love for champagne, so it’s good to have a few simple staples at the ready for your next driveway/porch/front stoop/Zoom happy hour.


This is super personal, and depends on your tastes and your fellow imbibers. Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and some kind of whiskey should do the trick, all proving to be versatile drink bases. 

Bottle and cans

It’s nice to have a few kinds of beer in the fridge, from a classic and refreshing light pilsner to a juicy IPA, with some soft drinks and seltzers thrown in. Since reds don’t need refrigerated, it’s easy to have a bottle of a red blend on that cart.


I like to always have a lemon and a lime at the ready, plus fun salts for cocktail rims.  If you happen to have berries in the fridge, they can serve as creative garnishes, and a nice little treasure at the bottom of a champagne flute. Something garden green like mint makes any drink a little extra dressed up. My cocktail enthusiast friends recommend also stocking tonic and Rose's Lime Juice.


Pint and wine glasses do the job, but any drinking vessel will do. I find it fun to mix it up, like using a simple water glass for wine, or sneaking a little something stronger in a coffee mug. Don’t forget a solid cocktail shaker, and a pretty pitcher for non alcoholic options like water, lemonade, or tea to stay hydrated.Tea towels are certainly your friend in the end, swiping away drink rings and spills. 

Cheers, to your health and happiness!


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