How Our Dream Team Journals

How Our Dream Team Journals

Lists, dreams, travels, gratitude, reflections, trackers, there are endless uses for notebooks and journals.  Here we are sharing how our team journals, plus the best products for capturing your inspirations.   

Kelly Y. 

I love to keep a journal when I travel to remember beautiful places, amazing people, and the moments that I don’t want to forget that a photograph could never capture.

This past trip to Japan, I found out that there are these stamps- called Eki stamps (eki means train station)- that are found all over but mostly in train stations.  You have to seek them out but they are very fun and unique to each area.  I carried my journal out with me every day just in case we might find one.  It was so much fun and a great memory addition for my journal.

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Kelly S.

I am less of a journaler and more of a list-maker. I live for lists! I have notebooks full of lists, often organized by:

  • work
  • home
  • family
  • Monica (there is always something to review with my business partner!)
  • pets

Not only do these notes live in notebooks, they are usually duplicated in my Google calendar, so I can see daily tasks on my phone and laptop. A small notebook does live bedside, for jotting fragments of dreams or ideas that come in the middle of the night.

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Monica's Journals

Keeping a journal is something I have done throughout my life, I have a diary all the way back from third grade!  I used to be superstitious about reading my old journals but after encouragement to do so from a friend, I have found it to be transformative in helping me see patterns in my life and giving me agency to break through limiting beliefs. 

I have about 6+ journals active at any one time.  Most of them I use as trackers for habits that I am forming and wish to maintain.  I use almost all of these as part of my evening wind-down, where I light a candle and journal by candlelight. 

These are the types of journals in my current rotation.

  • Reading tracker - what days I've read, as well as a list of all of the books I've read
  • Workout tracker - what types of exercise I did that day
  • Goals tracker - for specific goals I am working towards, or for new habits that I am focusing on building.
  • Gratitude and daily tracker - A line is dedicated to the things that made me happy that day, and a tracker for the basic habits that I strive to include in my daily life.
  • Evening journal - A place for me to reflect on the day, what I am grateful for, where I feel resistance, and to visualize my coming day or week.
  • Journal - A place for me to journal anything and everything, but that I keep separate from my daily journal.  This is usually where I go when I have big things to work through or moments to capture. 

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I keep my journals on my bedside table to write the wonderful, wacky and weird dreams that I have down. Sometimes I go back and read them, and I love to share them with my kids. I also enjoy looking up the symbolism of the dream elements. 

We hope you document your thoughts and journies too. Here is a resource to get started from NPR's Life Kit.

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