Home update ideas for a fresh start to 2024

Home update ideas for a fresh start to 2024

While ushering in new resolutions we are open to welcoming changes in our routines, and it's best to not forget about the environment we're living in as well. The home is an extension of ourselves, and here are tips for giving your space a refresh in 2024.


Create a Ritual Space

Ritual space with journals, pens and candle

Whether you're staring a new journaling habit, practicing yoga, or simply diving into a good book, having a dedicated space ready for your habit will help it stick. 

I love to journal each night and have set up a simple cup with my favorite pens, a candle, and lighter with in arms reach. Start with this example of create a version custom to you needs.

Shop the above Heart Journal at love, or our large notebook selection here.


Fresh Flower Ready

Sway vase with flowers

Making it easy to bring fresh flowers into you home is the secret to having more blooms brightening your space.  Keep a vase that you love on hand so it's ready anytime you get the urge to pick up a bunch from the market, or to accept a bouquet from guests.

This Sway Vase can accommodate a generous arrangement and it will shine on display even when not in use. We love that is hand blown by the Pittsburgh Glass Center for their Penn + Fairmount brand.

The Sway Vase is in stock at our Strip District store, for in store purchase only.


Art Updates

Gallery wall with Pittsburgh art

One of the fastest ways to make a space feel loved is to add or change the art on your walls.  It gives something new to appreciate and enjoy when walking into a room.  Can't decide on what pieces are your favorites?  Feature multiple works in a curated gallery wall.  Picking a theme or color scheme is a great way to create cohesion between different mediums in the display.  

Shop the Inclined Print above, or our full collection of artwork by Pittsburgh artists. 


Kitchen Restock

love, Pittsburgh Everything salt with ingredients from the kitchen

Many new years habits are paired with time in the kitchen, from experimenting with new recipes to eating healthier. Why not treat the most popular room in the house with some new tools and recipes. 

I love bringing my cast iron back to life after a hard working meal prep. The best formula that I have found is a pass with a cast iron scraper and then a swirl of cast iron conditioner, both by home product experts Lovett Sundries. 

Restock your spice cabinet and welcome in the tastiest flavors with an assortment of Steel City Salts. Fresh cracked black pepper is a staple in the most culinary forward kitchens. Also try my personal favorite the love, Pittsburgh Everything Salt used as a rub for chicken (or veggies, and everything else!).


Candle Light the Night

Abundance candle lighting the bathroom at night

Long winter nights can increase the amount of artificial light we are exposed to, which may adversely affect our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. Turning the lights down low and living by candle light is an alternative that helps you unwind and get more restful sleep.

I've adopted the habit of nightly journaling by candle light. And I maintain the dimly lit atmosphere by lighting a candle as I brush my teeth before bed.  My go to scents are the love, Signature candle while journaling and the Abundance candle in the bath.  Try these in your routine, or find you new favorite in our extensive local candle collection.  


We hope you're inspired to bring fresh feels into your home this year!

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