Holiday Self-Care Guide

Holiday Self-Care Guide

Spend time this season on some self-care rituals using our wide selection of products. Here are some of our favorite holiday personal care items.

Sparkling Snowflake Bath Bomb

Take a hot bath on a cold day and soak in a mint aroma with hints of vanilla bean with the Sparkling Snowflake Bath Bomb by Hip Modern Soap. Want to make your bath even better? Light a few candles, turn out the lights, and enjoy your soothing soak by candlelight.

snowflake bath bomb

Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub

Give your lips the spa treatment with this Sugar Cookie Lip Scrub by Abeille Beaute. A few minutes of sugar cookie scrub will reveal perfectly soft and lush lips. Go ahead and lick a little off your lips for a sweet treat.

sugar cookie lip scrub

LOVE Hand Cream

Cold weather brings dried, cracked hands but with the LOVE Hand Cream by Lovett Sundries, you can keep your skin smooth and hydrated. Bonus: black tea, bergamont, and bamboo is un parfum de rêve.

love hand cream

Frosted Pine Incense 

Breathe in the smells of the season with this Frosted Pine Incense by PSquare Scents. Transforms your home into a winter forest wonderland.

frosted pine incense

Ritual Candle 

Cleanse and purify your space with the herbal and woody notes of the Ritual Candle by Fjord & Fable. Enjoy notes of palo santo, lavender, and white sage. Pair with the sparkling snowflake bomb to soak your day away.

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