Gifts For Your Burgh Besties

Gifts For Your Burgh Besties

They are there for you through thick and thin, so why not surprise your bestie with a little something special? Share some sunshine and brighten their Pittsburgh day with one of these locally-made gifts.

Keepin' It Cozy

For the homebody happiest to hide out in the house: Bridge Socks

Hydration Helper

For the friend who forgets to drink enough water: Water Bottle

Downtown Love

For the adventurer who loves exploring the treasures of the Golden Triangle: Triangle Studs

Breathe In Breathe Out

For the sidekick who needs to take a few deep breaths each day: Shower Steamer

Manifest That Ish

For the idea-generator who needs to get it all down on paper: Pittsburgh Potions Notebook Set

Overflowing Cup

For the pal who loves to curl up with a cat, a book, and a full mug of warmth: love, Glass Mug


For the kitchen creative who loves to host dinners: Pierogis Are Home Tea Towel



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