Gifts for the Architect

Gifts for the Architect

For those who call Pittsburgh home, there's a unique way to bring a piece of the city into their own space: art inspired by Pittsburgh's architecture. These gifts not only celebrate the beauty of Pittsburgh's buildings but also serve as timeless art that evokes a sense of nostalgia and pride.

Tour downtown's architecture at your own pace with Doors Open Pittsburgh event on June 22 - 23.

Buildings by Shane

Shane Henderson captures notable buildings around the city in his distinctive style. His illustrations bring modern lines to Pittsburgh's architectural staples such as the Cathedral of Learning, PPG Place, or our iconic Three Sister Bridges

Landmarks by Worker Bird

Add a touch of architectural flair to their kitchen or workspace with a Landmark Tea Towel or Landmark Print by Worker Bird. Featuring screen-printed designs of Pittsburgh's most beloved landmarks, these tea towels are both functional and decorative.

Monongahela Overlook Coasters by KLoRebel

Elevate your coffee table or desk with the intricate details of the Pittsburgh skyline by KloRebel. The Monogahela Overlook Coasters serve as conversation starters or provide comfort for nostalgia. 

Pittsburgh Homes by Annie Heisey

Houses nestled along the slopes of rolling hills is a common sight in Pittsburgh. Annie Heisey captures this unique quality of Pittsburgh with oil on canvas using depth, color, and remarkable detail to remind you of home. Enjoy the stunning view of Troy Hill in both Sunset for Laura and Static Snow.

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