Gifts for Little Yinzers

Gifts for Little Yinzers

Give your kiddos locally-made toys and treasures this year. Here are a few of our favorite fun, cuddly, and cute picks for kids. 

Rivers Stripe Onesie

Our newest onesie is soft and cuddly with our Rivers Stripe design printed locally. It's a cozy way for little yinzers to represent the 'Burgh and our three rivers. This design is also available in toddler and youth sizes! 


Wooden Incline Toy

Going up or down? These tiny funiculars are handmade out of wood of Pittsburgh's incline. Whether it's a decoration for a nursery, a toy for a young toddler, or a home accent piece for the parents, this brings one of Pittsburgh's unique characteristics into your home! 


P is for Pierogi Bib

For all the happy eaters and new solid food ventures, this bib makes messy look cute and adorable. Plus a baby's first pierogi is one to remember--no better bib to make that photo op complete! 


Handmade Train Set

Keep those toddlers busy with this darling train set. Each set comes with colorful cars that can detach from each other and are handmade by John and Millie Muse. 


The Three Little Pigsburghers

This book cracks up parents every time, get yinz a copy n'at.


Iron-on Tangram Puzzle Kit

Pack of iron-on tangram pieces that you can arrange to create your favorite Tangram shape onto a shirt or other fabric. A great way to gift an activity and a new clothing item! 


Kreepy Dolls

Kreepy in all the best ways and one-of-a-kind, visit our stores or shop our select online collection to pick out your new favorite kreepy friends created by Daniel Baxter. 

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