Gift Guide: Judith's Eco Friendly Gifts

Gift Guide: Judith's Eco Friendly Gifts

Next up from our team is Judith who is sharing her favorite things, and focusing on our most environmentally friendly products.  

Judith’s Holiday Gift Guide

In the past few years I have been actively working on making my lifestyle more environmentally friendly. It has been a baby-step-by-baby-step experience but I am glad about this process. This year I am working on gifting “green”. Since all of our love, Pittsburgh products are locally made, I have already a great source of gifts for my family and friends. The following gift ideas highlight other attributes (reduce, reuse, recycle) that are great when trying to gift environmentally friendly and that come without plastic packaging.


Pennsylvania Cup Cozy by Busy Hook Happy Heart

As I mentioned, transitioning to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle means taking baby steps. The knitted “Cozy Cup” is a great and adorable looking start! It replaces the cup sleeves you get at a coffee shop that end up in the garbage bin after one use. Perfect for the coffee drinker in your life.


Tie Dye Napkin Set by I Would Dye For You

Another great item that reduces waste are the “I Dye For You” napkins and multi use towels, that look great and reduce not only the single-use paper products but also the plastic packaging they usually come in. 


Raw Sugar and Mint Soap by Arbor House Soaps

Talking about plastic packaging, I realized that most of my plastic waste comes from beauty products. The Arbor House soaps not only come without plastic wrap (the paper sleeve can be recycled) but also look and smell amazing, which makes for a great stocking stuffer. Plus points for also being vegan and organic! 


Bow ties by Knotzland

We also have some amazing items made from reclaimed materials at the store. The ethically crafted bow ties from Knotzland make for a very special and stylish gift!


Wooden Incline Toy by John and Millie Muse

Love, Pittsburgh has also some great gifts for the little ones. Wood toys from John and Millie Muse are lovely and plastic free. The wooden Incline makes for a very Pittsburgh gift.


Little Pittsburgher Sweatshirt by Three Bridges Boutique

Add a Little Pittsburgher sweatshirt from Three Bridges Boutique which is made from 100% cotton, and you’re set.


love, Pittsburgh Hand Tote

I will be using the Love, Pittsburgh tote bags as a gift wrap this year. Adding a repurposed bow will make it look festive and I will have taken one more step towards being more environmentally responsible. 

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