Gift Guide: Housewarming Gifts

Gift Guide: Housewarming Gifts

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? It’s Kelly here, and I am excited to host a houseful this year.  Whether you are hosting or a guest, here are suggestions for some local love in anyone’s home.

Worker Bird Bridges Tea Towel

Bridges Tea Towel

Regular price $20.00

Tea towels make a great host gift, and a fun way to suggest that you will do the dishes! We have Worker Bird's much-loved bridge print on a towel.

While we are on the subject,  we also offer the cute options “P is for Pierogi” and “Dear Pittsburgh I Love You” from Garbella.



KLoRebel Monongahela Overlook Coaster Set

Monongahela Overlook Coasters

Regular price $24.00

KLoRebel makes our popular art coaster sets, offering hand sketches of the Monongahela Overlook, the Duquesne Incline, and the Smithfield Street Bridge on absorbent sandstone with cork backings. No wine rings on the coffee table this year.



Charcoal Soap by Lovett Sundries

Charcoal Soap

Regular price $12.00

Who doesn’t love bar soaps? It’s always good to have a few extra on hand, to gift or to offer your house guests. The Charcoal Soap from Lovett Sundries is much loved by our customers.



Pittsburgh Birch Forrest Mini Candle by 837N Candle Co


Pittsburgh Birch Forest Mini Candle

Regular price $5.00

Finally, the minis from 837N Candle Co offer 1.5 ounces of goodness. They are a perfect little “thank you,” or better yet, travel companion. Check out Yuzu + Ginger, Birch Forest, and Lavender + Fig.

Hope your Thanksgiving is a happy one!

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