Gift Guide for the Women you Admire

Gift Guide for the Women you Admire

To kick off March for Women's month, we want to give recognition to the women you admire most. Our local gift selection is a great way to share your appreciation with products that support local women artists. 


Mineralogy Candle

Because she's a true gem give her this candle capturing the essence of semi-precious stones.  Made by expert candle maker Amanda of North Ave Candles.


Lidded Vessel


Made exclusively for our sister store love, we've partnered again with Heidi of Whitehall Pottery with this delightful ceramic vessel. Its sure to be a gift that will be treasured for years to come.


U-Drop Earrings

A pair of earrings to make everyday a little more stylish, these are just in from artist Samantha behind the local jewelry brand Luster.


Not Today Satan Tea

We've all had days like that, and any strong woman has had more than her fair share. Unwind and find the most restful sleep after a cup of this blend created by herbalist Triple Moon Alchemy. Accompany it with a mug for a complete experience.


Roll-on Fragrance

A roll on the wrist of a perfume is a simple way to show yourself love throughout the day. For ours, we've partnered with the local personal care experts at Una Biologica.  We carry Una's scents at love, Pittsburgh, and they have blended the custom fragrances in our Story Collection at love,. We recommend citrus and our best selling Joy.


Bird of Paradise Bar Soap

This soap is colorful and bright like women who shine.  This sunny scent will enhance any woman's day. Made by Em of EmTree Soaps.






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