Gift Guide for Candle Lovers

Gift Guide for Candle Lovers

You can't go wrong when gifting a candle. We have a variety of designs and scents we know the candle lover in your life will enjoy.


Mulled Wine Travel Candle

The Mulled Wine Travel Candle brings you warm notes of cinnamon, cider and wood that compliment the bright and inviting fragrances of currant, pomegranate, and orange peel. Shop all of our travel candle scents here

Tired AF Candle

This candle is perfect for when the holiday season has you a bit exhausted. Rich coffee and nutty hazelnut lightly invigorate your senses for when you need more than just a cup of Joe. Shop all of Lit Soy Candle Co's scents here.


Home for the Holidays Candle

A holiday scent for those who prefer a not-holiday-smelling candle. Warm vanilla is complimented by gentle almond and finished with dainty floral orchid notes. Shop all of our PGH Candle's scents here.


Balsam and Birch Candle

The Balsam and Birch Candle from Borealis Candle Co. will get you in the holiday spirit with it's 
 scents of cypress, pine, eucalyptus, and smoke. It comes in a beautiful amber glass jar. Shop more Borealis Candles here

Smoked Pine + Parchment Candle

A candle more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. Woody pine, balsam, bergamot and birch is layered over a smooth and soft sandalwood. Shop all of the Banned Books candle collection here.


LOVE Candle

Experience our love, Pittsburgh signature scent with our exclusive candle in collaboration with Brewed2Burn. This custom scent was inspired by tea and freshness and created to celebrate the anniversary of the first love, Pittsburgh store. Shop more of our exclusive candles and products here. 


Pyrite Bourbon & Tobacco Flower Candle

This geode vessel is filled with a hand-poured candle. Tal & Bert use a hollow breakage in the design to create a geode from raw natural stones that they have self mined. Shop Tal & Bert's other scents and products here.


Shop all of our candle designs and scents here!

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