Gift Guide: Food Finds

Hi there, It’s Kelly kicking off a new feature for the holidays: the love, Pittsburgh Gift Guide! First up we have food finds. Now that our fair city has been receiving loads of well deserved attention from the world of foodies, we have some gift items perfect for their palettes:

Himalayan Salt and Peppercorn Gift Pack

Regular price $23.00

Steel City Salts offers some incredible seasonings to add zing to your holiday favorites. From Tellicherry Peppercorns and Pink Himalayan Sea salt, to the Black & Gold Blend and Steeltown Garlic & Herb, get ready to get hooked on the flavors.



Zeke's Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Regular price$9.00

Zekes Coffee, well loved here in Pittsburgh, makes deliciously addictive chocolate covered espresso beans. A sweet treat to give a boost during the holiday madness.



Red Ginger Saffron Candle by PGH Candle

OG Candle 16oz

Regular price $24.00

While unwinding after a long day, burn a red ginger saffron candle from PGH Candle.



Olive Oil Soap by Lovett Sundries

Olive Oil soap

Regular price $8.00

Since we are indulging, don’t forget the gentle olive oil soap and fluffy lavender hand cream from Lovett Sundries, almost good enough to eat!


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