Gift Guide: Burgh Kids

Gift Guide: Burgh Kids

We have new spring kids' toys, accessories, and stationary! Brighten up your little ones' day with these local unique gifts. Here are a few of our favorite kid-friendly items in our shop. 


For the animal lovers, these stickers by Emily McGaughey are sure to bring a smile to their face. With an assortment of animals, kids can decorate their notebook or create a storybook out of them! We carry several other stickers by Emily, including dogs, cats, and bread stickers. Shop them here! 

Chuckie Pack

This pack is designed to last throughout childhood and hold unique treasures. Go on an outdoor adventure and let your kid collect cool pebbles along the way. Or keep snacks on your child at all times...we know those nebster hands are always looking for a snack. PackPack also has another design, called the Topanga Pack.

PGH Crayons

These unique crayons by Let's Get Cray will take coloring to a whole new level. Perfect for the creative kiddo, these non-toxic crayons pair nicely with our Pittsburgh Coloring Book. Check out Let's Get Cray's LOVE crayon set here. 


Mon River Swan

The mysteries of the Mon River is one of our favorite *creative* storytelling subjects. Daniel Baxter of Kreepy Dolls creates dolls, each unique with its own vision. There won't be another one like the doll you choose! Shop our collection here. 

Flee America Book

Speaking of the Mon River mysteries, have you heard of the Monongahela Monster? For the readers and monster lovers, this extensive Alternate Histories collection contains astonishing imagery and *factual* knowledge about the histories of monsters, robots, aliens, zombies, and other creatures rampaging through the history of the U.S. Behold! Beware! Your life will never be the same after reading this book!


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