Gift Guide:  Amber's Favorite Things

Gift Guide: Amber's Favorite Things

We've heard that it takes a few laps around our cozy stores to take in everything that we carry.  Who better to guide you to the goods than our devoted team?  We've tapped them for holiday gift guides featuring some of their most treasured finds.  First up is Amber!

A few of my favorite things

Bourbon Tobacco Flower Candle by North Ave Candles

This is my favorite scented candle in the shop. It has a wonderfully cozy scent that is long-lasting. Smells good while burning and after putting the candle out.


Charcoal Soap by Lovett Sundries

Gentle enough for everyday use. My skin glows and is so soft after I wash my face. This is the quintessential soap in my daily routine.


Ring Box, Planters and Vases by Bombabird

I love the minimalistic look and feel of the glazes that Chelsea from Bombabird uses on her one of a kind pottery. The teal ring dish is so unique and delicate.

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