From The T To The Sea

From The T To The Sea

love, Pittsburgh gets beachy...

Some goodies from love, Pittsburgh recently made their way east to the Jersey Shore. Our Rivers Stripe Hat worked hard sun shading, and looking cool at it. Show 'em where your from!

Family Fun

Several puzzles were completed during the week, including the Plant Lady Puzzle from Puzz. I typically work on puzzles solo, but it's much more fun puzzle-working together with the entire family. A new vacation tradition has begun...

While the focus was on puzzle pieces, my niece snuck several stickers onto my sisters phone. How cute are these from our exclusive love, Pittsburgh Cat Sticker Sheet?

Beach Bling

I spy several bracelets we proudly feature, including pieces from Studebaker, You Can Call Me Yoko, and a beaded beachy treasure from Idia'Degas recent pop up with us. Nails, rings, and tans making them pop. Luckily none were lost to crashing ocean waves.

Sweet treats

Maple Streets Pride Jam was a hit, swirled with some butter on toast. Watermelon screams summer, and so does this seasonal jam.

Filling our new metal camper mug with iced coffee was a perfect way to great the Atlantic. Also a stealthy way to carry some incognito bubbles to the shore.

How do you take love, Pittsburgh with you?

Please tag us in your adventures, especially with anything from us and our amazing artists and makers. Happy summer!


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