Featuring Zack Twenty Five Creatorz

Featuring Zack Twenty Five Creatorz

Find the newest artists and makers with featured first-time "creatorz" through the Zack Twenty Five program.  Now through the end of the month, shop jewelry, fiber arts, ceramics, and more from the creatorz in the apprenticeship initiative for transition-aged young adults, who have utilized services from the Department of Human Services.  


What is Zack Twenty Five?

“The years young people move from youth to adulthood—roughly ages 14 to 24—are full of immense possibility and potential. This is the second most critical developmental period in young people’s lives—after early childhood—and the time when they get the education, skills, life experiences, and supports they need to take on increasing responsibility, form their identities, and learn how to succeed on their own. This transition requires a stable launching pad formed by support from their families and caring adults in their communities, stable access to resources to meet their basic needs, and opportunities to access quality education and employment. With this stable foundation, adolescents can thrive and successfully transition to becoming healthy, productive young adults contributing to their communities. As a result, investing in young people during this critical period can have lasting effects on their lives and result in significant long-term benefits for society.”

Stabilizing Young People Transitioning to Adulthood
Gina Adams, Heather Hahn, and Amelia Coffey
February 2021, The Urban Institute


Envisioned by Lisa Kuzma in memory of her son Zack Kuzma, Zack Twenty Five is an apprenticeship initiative for transition aged young adults (ages 20-25), who have utilized services from the Department of Human Services. These young adults, or “Creatorz”, are matched with local Pittsburgh “Makerz”, consisting of partnering artists and craftsmen from Pittsburgh’s creative economy. The Makerz mentored the Creatorz in their craft during a six-month one-on-one apprenticeship. Together, the teams explored their respective mediums and created the product lines you are looking at now. All profits from products will go directly to the Creatorz.


Zack Twenty Five Products

Zack Twenty Five Apprenticeship Initiative

This initiative focuses on an entrepreneurial experience in the creative economy with the aim of providing a spark – a spark that will lead to a unique vision and hope for our Creatorz that may guide them forward as a personalized True North. The end goals of this apprenticeship include increasing Creatorz’ self-esteem, hope for the future, creative and marketable skills, positive adult/community connections, and sense of purpose (or True North), while also reducing negative outcomes such as homelessness, substance abuse disorder, or even death.


Shop Creatorz and Makerz 

Available exclusively at our Strip District store through the end of August 2023, we are featuring the following pairings of Creatorz and Makerz.

  • Nina Sarcone and Jamie Boyle
  • Hazell Azzer and Nisha Blackwell
  • Aaron Thomas and Joeseph O’Conner
  • Tamara Jones and Mandy Wilson
  • Summer Poole and Drue Miller/Sarah Daigneault
  • Benji Storm and Vicki Brannigan
  • Deondra Seay and Frank Defabo
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