Featured Women Artists

Featured Women Artists

With International Women's Day right around the corner, we wanted to showcase some of the newest products from our women makers.


Silvia form Angel in Flesh creates 100% beeswax candles in our favorite area code "412" and city abbreviation "PGH". These candles are proving to be a hit and would look great as a cake topper.

Our Sixburgh candle is created by Jasmine from the Penn Hills area. This candle is an homage to the Steelers, of course! Sixburgh has a lovely combo of aromas combining the scents of lemon and teakwood and is made with 100% soy wax. 


Mary from Mary Mack Prints designs funky fresh block print stationery with playful squirrels and dancing chanterelles. Send some spunky notes of love to your tribe of friends and family.


Our own Dream Team member, Janette, creates useful and beautiful macrame key holder wristlets. Janette uses the softest rope fibers and the wristlets are the perfect length. They are available in two colors: teal and off white. 


We have new dreamlike cloud prints from yesterday's clouds. Amber from our Dream Team takes photo images of clouds mostly during sunsets and after storms from vistas around her home. 


Peek-a-Patch Learning Quilts are created by co-owner, Kelly, and her Mother-in-Law, Clorinda. Kelly hands over her favorite cuttings from her fabric stash to Clorinda to turn into educational quilts. These gorgeous one-of-a-kind quilts have eye-catching fabrics to play I-Spy games with your favorite kiddos.

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