Exclusive Ornament Collection - Part 1

Exclusive Ornament Collection - Part 1


We are so happy to carry over 100 different Pittsburgh-based artists and makers in our shops.  When it came time to think about the holidays, we couldn't choose just one or two artists to work on an exclusive ornament for us, so we worked with 12!  

Scroll to learn about the first half of our Holiday 2019 Exclusive Ornament Collection.  And don't hesitate to get yours.  Once these special editions are gone, they're gone!  


Logo Steel Ornament

Audra Azoury's sleek designs cut into brushed stainless steel are modern Pittsburgh classics.  We get the same vibe with her take on a bulb engraved with the love, Pittsburgh logo.  


Steel Beam Ornament

Speaking of steel, what better way to celebrate the steel city than with this mini steel beam?  CJ7 Designs crafted this out of wood so it won't break the branches on your tree.  Our exclusive version reads LOVE PGH down either side.  


Ceramic Snowflake Ornament

Heidi of Whitehall Pottery has hit all the marks with this ceramic snowflake ornament.  Classic design, quality craftsmanship, and a tasteful nod to the burgh, we couldn't have asked for a better exclusive from her.  


Crochet Snowglobe Ornament

This is the softest snowglobe you'll ever see!  We love the sweetness of the hearts floating in this crocheted snowglobe ornament by Terri of Busy Hook Happy Heart.  There's no better way to put a little LOVE in your tree!


Vintage Bead Ornament

Jewel tones and feathers, paired with velvet ribbon and vintage beads will make your tree drip with luxe feels.  We love the creativity Sarah of Louie Prior brings to all of her jewelry, and she's carried it through beautifully with her exclusive ornament.


Wood Keystone Heart Ornament

Amy of garbella has created some of the most well recognized Pittsburgh art, and we honored to have her take on our Keystone Heart logo to be part of our exclusive ornament collection!  

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