Environmentally-Friendly Products

Environmentally-Friendly Products

These products earn extra points for their sustainability efforts on top of already being from a local maker. Buying products from across the world or the U.S. leave an immense carbon footprint from airplane transport to truck transport. Thank you for supporting our local makers who help us leave a minimal carbon footprint!

Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Items: 

Here are a few products that we carry where the makers integrate environmentally mindful ways to create unique products.

Upcycled Notebooks & Scrunchies

toomanysparkles uses upcycled fabric to create unique notebooks and scrunchies. Each product is one-of-a-kind and a collectible. Find yourself an exclusive notebook for your work-from-home days and scrunchies to bring your spring style to all your Zoom meetings.

Notebooks by toomanysparkles

Scrunchies by toomanysparkles










Upcycled Pouches

Check out these zipper pouches also using upcycled fabrics! These have been sewn by the East End Cooperative Ministries Sew Forward Program, a program that teaches sewing skills and provides employment to those in need and who want to enrich their lives. Grab one for pens, pencils, make-up, extra change purse, and any other small miscellaneous items to get organized.  

Treasure Pouch by love, Pittsburgh x EECM

Mini Pouch by love, Pittsburgh x EECM


Soy Candles

Did you know ALL of our candles are made from soy, not beeswax? Soy candles are bio-degradable, non-carcinogenic, produces less soot, and vegan. With many species of bees becoming endangered, we steer clear of any bee cruelty. We depend on those hard-working bees to pollinate all of our crops and flowers—not for candles. Here is one of our spring favorite soy candle, which comes with seeds to plant! 

Wildflowers of Pennsylvania Candle by PGH Candle


Reusable Napkins

Fabric napkins are a great way to reduce waste and make your meals feel a little more special, win-win!  We love the style these tie-dyed ones bring to our homes.

Tie-dyed Napkin Set of 4 by I Would Dye For You

If you like our one-of-a-kind products, stay tuned for next month's newsletter! More to come online soon...

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