Egg Decorating Ideas

Egg Decorating Ideas

We love any excuse to get into craft projects and Easter means it’s time to decorate eggs. Whether you are looking for a new way to do some Easter crafts or an easy DIY to try out, these egg-decorating ideas will be *eggs-tra* fun to do! 


Washi Tape Designs

Using washi tape or rubber bands to decorate your eggs is best for beginners! First, hard boil the number of eggs you plan to use. With washi tape or rubber bands, cover your eggs with a design that will come out in white. Soak each egg into the food coloring of your choice. Next, remove the eggs and let them dry completely before removing the washi tape or rubber bands. You’ll end up with beautiful designs that can make a perfect Easter dinner centerpiece!

Cool Whip Easter Eggs

This process is simple and easy to do with kids of all ages. First, hard boil the eggs you would like to use. Then using a muffin pan, add a spoonful of cool whip for each egg you plan to dye. Add one or two food coloring on top of the cool whip and swirl with a toothpick. Place eggs in the muffin pan and turn eggs to cover with cool whip. Let the eggs sit for 10-15 minutes. Finally, plunge the eggs in a bowl of cold water. For further directions, click here!

Silk Dyed Eggs

Silk-dying eggs might sound intimidating, but it is an amazingly simple method. Find some scraps of silk with patterns that you would like to transfer onto the egg (you can find inexpensive silk materials at a thrift store) and tightly tie around the egg. Then find scraps of white cotton material to cover the egg and tie it closed with twine. Fill a pot with vinegar and eggs to simmer for about 20 minutes. Afterward, your silk patterns will transfer to the eggs and you’ll have unique and intricate designs! 

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