Easy Road Trips from Pittsburgh

Easy Road Trips from Pittsburgh

We love Pittsburgh, of course! It's the city of bridges; we have french fries on sandwiches, pierogis, and Pittsburghese. However, it's nice to get outta tahn and explore something new for the weekend. If you're looking to take a little adventure, here are some suggestions for you.


Clarion is wonderful to visit during this time of the year to catch their Autumn Leaf Festival weekend. The festival stretches over 9 days and has received international awards. The fall feelings are unmatched! The main portion of the festival is from September 29th-October 2nd. Main Street shuts down on Friday to be filled with craft vendors. There is a parade to love on Saturday and a tractor show Sunday. Pro tip: look for the pasta in a bread bowl stand. You will not be disappointed!

Cook Forest is close too, which makes Clarion a sweet spot for outdoor activities.

Don't forget to check out the two newer breweries while you're there, Lost in the Wilds and Mechanistic!


Having a Great Lake so close to Pittsburgh is truly a gem. Presque Isle State Park is a beautiful, scenic place that offers visitors miles of trails to hike or bike along. Did you know Presque Isle features Pennsylvania's only shoreline? Head to Presque Isle to spend the weekend in the sand instead of driving six hours east to the Atlantic ocean.

A family friendly option when visiting Erie is going to the Erie Zoo. When night falls and hunger calls, check out these options, including waterfront restaurants and Erie's only oyster bar!

The Laurel Highlands

The Laurel Highlands covers a vast area in Southern Pennsylvania, and with that means loads of special places to visit. Ligonier is a historical town that offers the ability to see a reconstructed fort from the French and Indian War. If you're looking to delve into some of Pennsylvania's history this is an ideal educational stop. Also, in Ligonier is one of our favorites, Scamp's Toffee!

If architecture is your thing, you're in luck. Four of Frank Llyod Wright's houses are located in the Laurel Highlands. These beauties include Falling Water, Polymath Park, and Kentucky Knob. Have fun exploring the Laurel Highlands.

Deep Creek

Another super weekend getaway is Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. The waterfalls at Swallow Falls are a must see! The loop is just around one mile long, which is good if you’re not looking to do a major hiking trek.

Also in the State Park is a small sandy shoreline. It’s the perfect place to head to with your family for a lunch time picnic. If you do visit, make sure you are up to date on the out of state admissions fee

Journey to some tasty wineries like these two options:  Black Bear Wine and Words and Deep Creek Cellars. If beer is more your thing, check out Short Story Brewing.

Firefly Farms is a sweet goat cheese store located nearby. Grab a bottle of wine, some goat cheese, and a baguette and you’ll be all set to enjoy a long relaxing weekend on the lake. 

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