Dream Team: Nohemi!

Dream Team: Nohemi!

Meet Nohemi on our Dream Team! She joined us at the end of last year and you can find her floating between our Strip and Downtown locations.

Name: Nohemi Meraz

Where are you from?

National City (San Diego), California

Pittsburgh neighborhood now:

Green Tree

What do you love about Pittsburgh?

The first thing I fell in love with was the nature aspect of Pittsburgh. The trees, I am speechless with all of the trees. I also love the inclusivity of Pittsburgh. I love long distance walks, and I can walk from Green Tree to Point State Park with my dog with no barriers. Lastly. I love how not exhausting it is to be in the city, it's a humbled down version of what I'm used to.


Tell us something surprising about you.

I carry my gallon of water with me everywhere. Spanish is my main tongue and I embrace my culture every day. I am a mom to my puppy Tina and my kitten Louise (I love Bob's Burgers.) I am a first-gen grad student and aspire to attain a PhD in a not so long future. I love it! Lastly, I do not see myself moving back to CA nor leaving Pittsburgh.


Favorite item currently in the shops?

This is difficult for me. I had never experienced a business that is as intentional as love, Pittsburgh. I love every piece of art. I am slowly budgeting to purchase some for my apartment. But something I love seeing is when new books for children come in. I am in the Early Child Development field and truly embrace the little things that help stimulate their curious minds. They're all great at creating an imagination and I love that! To answer the question, my favorite one right now is Pittsburgh Dog And Frog.

What song is stuck in your head right now?

My mind is always singing random songs so there's so many to choose from. But I would say Amar Asi by Bomba Estero.


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