Unique Travel Gifts

Unique Travel Gifts

Whether you're looking for a unique gift to take when visting far-off friends or family, or you're in search of momentos from your trip to the the Burgh that travel well and keep your packing light, we have the locally-made keepsakes for all your travels.



Steel City Salts come in handy pinch pots, which is optimal for packing up some local spices that are essential for cooking while away on holiday. They also make a delightful host gift. Some customer favorites are the Pierogi Salt, our love, Pittsburgh Everything Blend (which tastes like curly fry seasoning and is delicious on hard boiled eggs), and the Dill Pickle Salt (excellent on popcorn).

You can't leave Pittsburgh without some of the best milk chocolate in the area! We have Sarris Milk Chocolate bars that feature Pittsburgh themes like a photo of the Pittsburgh skyline and a black and gold graphic that says, "Go Pittsburgh!" These bars make an awesome sweet travel snack at the airport. 


Lovett Sundries has travel-size, selfcare products that will keep your skin hydrated and have you feeling fresh. We carry hand and body lotion in a recyclable tin in our LOVE scent that is comprised of bergomot, black tea, and bamboo. Their lip tins are lush too and available in a tinted balm


If you're traveling and you have to leave your beloved pets behind, it's always apprectiated to get your pet sitter a gift. Curly Tail Coffee's love, Pittsburgh blend comes in a small package and features an adorable kitty on the label. 

Don't forget your pets! We have locally made white chocolate dipped Doggie Treats


From a deck of cards to postcards, you will find sweet little treasures that make wonderful collectables.

Traveling with a deck of cards is a must. We have a beautiful art-deco inspired City Card Deck that is a playful keepsake. 

Postcards, postcards and more postcards... choose from a wide variety to send family and friends back home or to keep as a collectable. Most are designed in-house and are only $1! 

Stickers and patches also make a sweet little momento and are fun to add to clothing, laptops, and water bottles. With a wide selection and some featuring Pittsburghese, you can't go wrong with this easy to carry travel item.

One of our customer's and Dream Team's favorites is the "Ahrn to Yinz" Pittsburghese book. This small gem will have your travel companions and Pittsburgh newbies chuckling about all the wild Yinzer words.

One more small item that should be on everyone's travel gift list is our Koozies. This lightweight and useful gift will come in handy at family picnics and on game days. Choose from Jagoff, Cheers Yinz, and Pittsburgh-- there is also our logo slim koozie too.

We hope you have a blast on your travel adventures and if you're staying in the Burgh for vacay we hope you love it so much that we see yinz again!

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