Decorating Pumpkins

Decorating Pumpkins

Halloween is right around the bend. Check out these fun ideas for decorating your pumpkins.


How to Etch a Pumpkin | Better Homes & Gardens

Instead of carving and cutting your pumpkin all the way through, why not try etching a design to let some of the light shine through or the natural orange if painted. 

Better Homes and Gardens has a great how-to on pumpkin etching. The pumpkins above are painted and etched, but save you the step of digging out the pulp and seeds.


Try taping off your pumpkin and spray paining a pattern onto it. You can also get artsy and paint a spooky scene. We especially love a sugar skull painted pumpkin!


There are so many printable designs available online that you can create any design you desire. Keep it simple with a traditional face carving or get intricate with details and your favorite sports know ours!

You can carve your pumpkin sideways for a unique twist on typical carving. The stem can become a creepy witch or monster nose (also good for painting a creepy-faced pumpkin).

Fall Planter

Turn your pumpkin into a fun planter for your fall mums and decorative kale. First, cut out around the stem like you would before you begin to carve the pumpkin and remove the inside pulp and seeds. Then fill with potting soil and plant. Follow these tips for types of plants and care from Garden Gate Magazine.


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