Day in the Life of a love, Pittsburgh Intern: Jora

Day in the Life of a love, Pittsburgh Intern: Jora

Hello! My name is Jora and I am an intern at love, Pittsburgh. I grew up in Pittsburgh on the East End and decided to stay here for college and go to Pitt. I am going into my senior year as a marketing major and will be graduating this December. I have also been studying to receive a certificate in digital media and have loved applying many of the things I’ve learned in school to my projects with love, Pittsburgh. So far, I have loved working for a small business and having a lot of opportunities to work on ideas and projects with the love, Pittsburgh team. 

Day in My Life

If the weather is nice, I like to start my day with a walk, which is what I did today. Typically, I’ll walk through Schenley Park since I live in Oakland and it’s so close. After my walk, I made some breakfast (a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a bagel) and did some work before getting ready for our weekly intern meeting. I made my way to the strip and went to the shop where I met with Monica, Kelly, Jen, Amber, Julia, and Nicole to go over the projects we’ve been working on. After our meeting, I headed back to Oakland and worked in Schenley Plaza for a bit before going back to my apartment. I then got ready to go to work at my other job where I work as a patient transporter at Magee Women’s Hospital. I put my scrubs on, packed some food to take, and went on my quick walk to the hospital. After my shift, it was pretty late so once I got home I relaxed a bit, watched some Netflix, and got ready for bed. 

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What do you love about Pittsburgh?

I love the city-feel even though it is not overwhelmingly large and busy. We have a great culture, lots of activities, and a surprising amount of greenspace for a city. I love that it is very walkable (disregarding a few hills here and there) and that each neighborhood has its own character to it. 

Tell us something surprising about you

I did gymnastics for 15 years and figure skating for 10 years! Now, I do yoga, which I love because I still get to work on balance and flexibility, but it’s a lot easier on my body. 

Favorite item currently in the shops

I love the Pittsburgh City of Bridges prints by Strawberryluna.

What song is stuck in your head right now?

I listen to music 24/7, so I always have new songs that I’m listening to. Right now I’ve had Hey K by Passion Pit, all of Harry Styles’ new Album (Harry’s House), or Work Out by Rainbow Kitten Surprise on repeat. 

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