Custom Gift Boxes for Clients

Custom Gift Boxes for Clients

Did you know we do custom gift boxes? Whether you need gift boxes for an event, real estate closing gifts, new hires, or for recruits, we make your gifting needs easy and help you stay hyperlocal to ensure that your impact has great meaning. 



We have an assortment of gift boxes available for purchase at any time. Shop here to view our collection. These boxes are great for when you need a gift for a specific occasion. We have the perfect gifts for weddings, new hires, homesick family, closing on a house, or for celebrating the best day ever! 

For those who love the element of surprise or would benefit from seasonal gift boxes, our Subscription Box always has a touch of the season and Pittsburgh to make their day! 
Our next box order deadline is March 25th! Order now to either receive or gift a suprise box inspired by blooming buds and boosting your mood with spring colors. 


Or are you looking for a gift box specifically made for each client? We suggest using our Build-a-Box option to create your own perfect box. Get creative or add items you know the gift recipient will love. Add this build-a-box to your cart, items you'd like in the box, leave a gift note, and put in the gift recipient's shipping address--we'll handle the rest! 


If you have gifting needs on a consistent basis, we are happy to assist you in creating the perfect box to represent your organization or brand. For example, we assist many real estate agents with their closing gifts or a company's new hire welcome bag.

We listen to your gifting needs and create proposals to match what you are looking for. Once your custom box is curated, we have your box ready to go whenever you need it! All you have to do is schedule your delivery and your gift box will be shipped or ready for pickup.

Read our testimonials of many companies around Pittsburgh who use our ongoing services! Email to set up a call to discuss your gifting needs. 

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