Creative Hustle

Creative Hustle

In this totally upside-down time, I am finding myself in awe of the creative ways local businesses have shifted, adjusted, and turned things sideways to keep it going. There is so much creative hustle out there, and I want to share some recent favorites:

Worker Bird

With art events and festivals getting cancelled left and right, where is an artist to feature their work? Love watching Kim at Worker Bird use her Instagram account to sell her art. Currently she has been creating custom tin bird art, including pigeons, owls, and pelicans. Check out this bird nerd and her work.

Vinyl Remains

Personally, I have been digging into my record collection much more these days, enjoying the time to flip a record and really listen. Recent rotation includes Tears For Fears, PJ Harvey, Dr. Octagon, Best Coast, Culture Club, and Miles Davis. Greg from the record shop Vinyl Remains has also been cleverly using his Instagram to keep his shop going. His posts include record art, a sound snippet, and cost. You just send a DM to purchase, and he will either deliver if local, or he is sending with free domestic shipping.

East End Brewing Company


It’s a no-brainer that we love Scott and all he does with East End Brewing. We were lucky to host one of his incredible neighborhood beer launches -Mount Washington of course - back in December. In addition to pivoting to touchless curbside pickup, he has recently launched beer delivery to your doorstep, slowly expanding his range by adding on zip codes to the route. Cheers.


Menuette went from doing local pop ups to preparing to open a Brookline restaurant to now offering a pay-what-you-can community kitchen. The goal of their program is to reduce food and financial insecurity by connecting those in need with those who can afford to give a little more. Menuette also offers a weekly soup subscription. Check out their website to learn more:

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