Cozy Up by the Fire: Pittsburgh Edition

Cozy Up by the Fire: Pittsburgh Edition

Winter makes us look forward to being able to bundle up and get cozy. We found cheerful places in the Pittsburgh area to achieve that heartwarming experience of cozying up by the fire. Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and let's dive into the delightful world of warmth!

Eat, Drink, and Stay Warm

Starting off with our neighbors Gordo's -- a delicious Mexican restaurant with a beautiful comforting ambience. Head upstairs to enjoy tacos and tequila firerside! Visit Shiloh Street in Mount Washington and give them a try.

(photo credit: Gordo's)

Next up is the Abbey on Butler Street -- enjoy drinks, coffee, or a meal while immersing into the beautiful architecture of the building. The coffee shop holds the fireplace where you can sit, relax and enjoy while getting some work done! This place is a ideal option for anytime and day of the week.


(photo credit: The Abbey on Butler Street)

With upscale comfort food brings our next spot: Carmella's Plates and Pints! Be sure to enjoy their whiskey bar with a variety of different bourbons, scotches, and tequilas. From a family dinner celebration to date night, we love a cozy night at Carmella's.

(photo credit: Carmella's Plates and Pints)

Last but certainly not least is nearby winter wonderland, Seven Springs. What a better spot to enjoy a hot coffee from the café after a long day of hitting the slopes!

(photo credit: Seven Springs)

We hope you take our suggestions into consideration -- enjoy and stay cozy!

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