Coral Coast, New Summer One of a Kind

Coral Coast, New Summer One of a Kind


Summertime sunrises and sunsets on the coast inspire this One-of-a-Kind Collection. The color story bursts with shades of coral found on seashells, painted toes, and sandy beaches, contrasted with clear blue skies. Our Tropical Pittsburgh Postcard feels right at home in Coral Coast.

Kelly's Vintage treasures

Just like collecting seashells, these found pieces will create summertime vibes. Several vintage collection highlights include:

A sweet sand dollar-topped lidded seashell vessel,

...a waterside handled dish and:

a coastal sunset inspired striped pitcher. Happy treasure hunting!



Sea creatures, coral reefs and ripe fruits meet soft sandy patterns and abstract prints. Find the toomanysparkles upcycled fabric notebook that needs to accompany you on your summertime adventure.

coral story at love,

At our new sister store, love, the color coral is at our core. From candles to journals, jewelry and bandanas, find all the gorgeous coral hues.

Even our "how do you love," wheel spinner is several shades of blush.

Shop Windows

Don't forget to give a looky-loo to our shop windows, to see how the simple addition of color turned Honeybunch into Coral Coast.

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