The Pittsburgh Cookie Table

The Pittsburgh Cookie Table

What is the Cookie Table?

If you've been to a wedding in Pittsburgh, chances are you have seen the beauty of a Pittsburgh cookie table. The options are endless and the to-go containers make it even better. If you haven't had the chance to experience a cookie table, let's dive in!

As the name states, it's a table of cookies but 100s of cookies of all different kinds, typically made by family or close friends of the couple. As mentioned before, the to-go containers are the perfect addition, there are so many cookies to try that it's hard not to fill a plate and a container to take home with you.

dream team favorites

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We all have our favorites cookies, as you're embarking on the cookie table they're the ones you are looking to snag before anyone else. Here are some members of the dream team's personal favorites:

Kelly S. - lady locks

Kelly Y. - peanut butter blossoms 

Amber - Russian tea cakes, linzners, and buckeyes

Monica - kolache, Italian peach cookies, and baklava 

Kristen - checkerboard squares, chocolate chip snowballs, and apricot filled

Nicole - anise cookies

cookie table, but make it a candle

Want to experience the smells of the cookie table without attending a wedding? We've got the perfect thing for you! The Cookie Table Candle is scented with notes of sugar and spice. This candle also makes a sweet engagement gift or shower favor. 

See yinz at the cookie table 

Now that you know a little bit more about the cookie table itself and have a list of our personal favorite cookies to try, we'd say you're ready to fill your plates!
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