Co-Founder Kelly Reflects On 2022

Co-Founder Kelly Reflects On 2022

2022 was a remarkable year for us. We experienced a huge growth spurt with the opening of our third location in the Strip District. We grew in Dream Team size, inventory, artists featured, corporate gifting, customer reach, and, most importantly, in our hearts.

dream team

Our Dream Team is beyond amazing. The love, Pittsburgh team is comprised of creative, clever, and kind women who we learn and grow with every day. We have experts in photography, chalkboard signage, blog writing, gift box packing, organizing, window display, and so much more. 


Our ordering has nearly doubled from the previous year. It is a fantastic feeling, sending out purchase orders that increase in numbers. It’s thrilling to see the artists and makers we love to feature thriving and growing alongside us. As Kirsten of KLo Rebel once said to me, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

featured artists

Not only did our inventory deepen, so did the number of artists we feature. We have at least 120 Pittsburgh based talents in our stores and online. It’s a thrill to continue to discover local talent. We already have quite a list for consideration in 2023! Stay tuned…

corporate gifting

We are most grateful for our corporate partnerships. When companies choose to collaborate with us for their gifts during the holidays as well as year round, everyone wins. How cool is it that we all end up supporting each other by staying local? 


The customers we have are true gems. We hear you, respect your need for quality and high standards, love that you love our curated assortment, and strive to exceed your expectations. There is nothing better than being trusted to write your personal notes included with your gifts.

bursting hearts

This never feels like a job. Even in the trenches of peak holiday immersion, there is so much joy. From explaining “yinz” while working a chalet shift to receiving another giant salt delivery with a smile from John at Steel City Salt, to cracking up with the team while sharing a sweet Leona’s treat: it is all so fulfilling. My heart explodes with delight at what Monica and I have created.

The coolest thing? It’s so much fun and we’ve only just begun. Thanks so much for being Champions Of Local along with us. Onward!

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Congratulations. Your hard work and belief created a unique, creative niche! 👏


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