Celebrating Women - International Women's Day 2023

Celebrating Women - International Women's Day 2023

As a women-owned business, we love supporting women in all ways.  Whether they are part of our dream team or one of our beloved artists and makers, we love it when we see women succeed!  We are proud to share some stats on how our business has supported women over the last year.


Female Economy Stats


You love all of the products that our female artists are creating.  In 2022, we paid over $200,000 to women-owned businesses, artists, and makers.  


Represent Women


There are plenty of options when you want to shop women-owned.  Over 100 brands that we carry are women-owned.


Female Artists Stats


And we are not slowing down with bringing you the latest and greatest women makers.  We added 15 new women-owned businesses to our product mix last year.


Women business stats


We are supporting women in-house as well.  Twelve women work in our female-founded all-women team.  

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