Celebrating Black History Month with 202021: a new constellation

Celebrating Black History Month with 202021: a new constellation

Our very own maker Tereneh Idia of Idia Dega has curated 11 works of art from Black artists found throughout the Cultural District. We're lucky enough to have one right by our downtown location! Read more about the installation below. 

The Project

Many believe that constellations are created by the stars, planets, and other objects of light in the cosmos. However, some Indigenous communities of the Americas like the Incan Empire found constellations in the dark spaces between the light.

202021: a new constellation is a body of work by Black, Pittsburgh-based artists. The art, the space between and the act of you moving to view the art, creates a new celestial body; a ground constellation; a space for celebration of Black creativity and people.

You will see images of women moving through the city acting as tour guides, images of celebration in a crowd or with a couple. 202021: a new constellation is an exploration of a new way to tell time, textiles of comfort and culture - joyous, defiant, happy, and contemplative images of Black women.

Enjoy this new constellation being formed at the end of 2020 and into 2021 - a space we create in Pittsburgh in celebration of Blackness and Black Pittsburgh.

Artwork by Shori Sims at 813 Liberty Ave / A Kind of New Freedom, Graphite on Paper

With the pandemic keeping most of the Cultural District closed, we're excited to see different works of art fill the streets again. From screen printing to video, thrifted clothing to graphite drawings, there's definitely a media that will catch your eye.

“These stories have been relevant for some time, and it’s good in a lot of ways that the larger cultural conversation has caught up. But I just hope that myself and others are able to keep doing this work, because I think it matters for posterity. It matters now and for the future," Idia said about the installation.

Vintage Clothing curated by Patricia Jones at 821 Penn Ave / Vintage pieces inspired by the 1920-1930s

Fashion is another part of the installation that we love! Patricia Jones of Thrift Out Loud took inspiration from Ma Rainey's Black Bottom play and recent film by August Wilson. She loves the rich Black History that's in Pittsburgh.

The artwork begins at Theater Square, proceeding down Penn Ave. then makes a right turn onto Ninth Street and another right onto Liberty Avenue. The work will remain up through the end of March so you'll have plenty of time to catch a view! 

We'd love to see your photos of the installation! Tag us on social media at @lovepittsburghshop and be sure to stop by our Downtown location when you're exploring. 


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