Building Sustainable Habits

Building Sustainable Habits

We are psyched to welcome a new The Refillery location to Downtown Pittsburgh. Recently we reached out to their team for advice on sustainability practices. Here are some highlights we are happy to pass along to you (thank you, Jordan!)

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy

A Zero Waste Lifestyle requires us to slow down in a society that is constantly pushing us to go, go, go. Challenge yourself to be at peace with taking your time to find something you're looking to purchase locally or even secondhand. Learn more here:

Questions to ask yourself 

Zero Waste In The Wild

It can become easily overwhelming when it comes shopping with a zero waste and eco friendly mindset. Let's break down ways to help you feel confident when shopping to refuse and reduce waste in your life. Here are the tips:

Zero waste tips

Isn't Zero Waste Unattainable?

Oftentimes we hear being "zero waste" isn't realistic in our everyday lives, and to that, we challenge you to think about the movement as a guiding principle. By taking small steps to reduce your waste in any way you can, you are making a larger impact. Your actions can encourage the producers of single-use packaging to realize that they need to change how they manufacture and produce products. Read on about the 5 Rs here:

The five R's of zero waste 

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