Black Artists We Feature

We are continually adding Black artists to our shop, and we created a guide to help you support Black artists and makers of Pittsburgh. In addition to the Black artists we have highlighted in the past, we are proud to also feature:

Djoi Designs

Florence of Djoi Designs creates handcrafted handbags and jewelry. Her process of creating is always evolving and she looks for ways to express individuality. Check out our collection of Djoi Designs jewelry here.

Rebel Bred

Nathan of Rebel Bred leads an inspiring path, especially for people of color, to embrace spirituality, culture, and legacies passed down from historical figures. Learn more about Rebel Bred and their products here.

/blis/ 23 Candle Co. 

/blis/ 23 Candle Co. is owned by Jasmine during her 23rd year when she dedicated that year to growth and defining her own happiness. She took a risk, and got serious about focusing on more of the things that she loves. She pours each batch of candles with care and passion. Check out our Sixburgh Candle by /blis/ 23 Candle Co

Tonic & Sage

Tonic & Sage is owned by Miko who strives to mix holistic whole body care with creativity and fun. Her products are plant-based, vegan, and the clean ingredients make her products enjoyable by even the most sensitive skin. Shop our Tonic & Sage products here.

Good Days Brand

Good Days is owned by Chrisarah, who founded this brand on the concept of "where streetwear consumer becomes an art collector." She only uses high quality materials, so that you always feel good in what you wear. We carry Good Days' "With Love From Pittsburgh" sticker, but you can learn more about the brand here.

Kin Of Duncan

Jazmiere is a young entrepreneur who makes the most fun accessories for fur friends, and you! Learn more here: Kin Of Duncan

Uncle Jammy

Have you tried Uncle Jammys yet? His BBQ sauces make everything from grilled meats to tofu taste great. 

Learn more about Jamals start Baking alcohol infused cocktail inspired cakes ...find the whole story here:   

Luxe By PM

Mojisola recently moved to Pittsburgh in Feb, 2020 from Nigeria, and has been loving every experience in our beautiful city. She creates the gorgeous sterling silver sapphire studs we feature. Learn more about Mojisola here: Luxe By PM

Emmanuelle Wambach

We love that all of Emmanuelle Wambach ceramics are inspired by her mother. Her mom, a master gardener and fiber artist, instilled in Emmanuelle a love of gardening and lace. We love the lace patterns pressed into the clay of her ceramic hearts.

TripleAAAnimals League

Crowd sourced and managed by Tereneh Idia, Allegheny Animals With Attitude is one local league we truly love. AAA League just launched late last year with Mount Washington Wild Turkeys, Sugar Top Grubby Groundhogs, and Mexican War Street Squirrels. Stay tuned for more neighborhoods and their mascots (we hear there are deer in near future!)

Please visit Cocoaprenuer for an extensive directory of Black owned businesses in Pittsburgh.


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