Best Places to Wave Your Terrible Towel

Best Places to Wave Your Terrible Towel

There's something about cheering on our Pittsburgh Steelers in a sports bar that we just love.  The feeling is often unmatched, being surrounded by super fans and the overall spirited atmosphere.  Below we are sharing some of the best bars/restaurants around to watch the game!

Carson City Saloon


Located in the South Side, Carson City Saloon has become one of the most popular bars to catch the game.  The space includes a rooftop area, drinking games, and huge flatscreens this bar makes for a great atmosphere for any Steeler Sunday.


Redbeard's Bar & Grill

Located on Mount Washington Redbeard's is one of our neighbors we love to promote.  They cater to sports fans with their TV lined bar and great deals on drinks and wings!


Mario's South Side Saloon

This long standing neighborhood bar is known for their atmosphere.  With locations in South Side, Oakland, and East Side they are a great place to watch the game or even take part in karaoke or listen to live music.



It wouldn't be a Pittsburgh bar blog post without mentioning the infamous Primantis.  With locations throughout Pittsburgh you are never too far from the famous sandwiches.  Aside from the delicious food they also provide a great Pittsburgh atmosphere.  

So next time you're looking for a place to wave your terrible towel check out some our favorites mentioned above!

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