Best Local Costumes

Best Local Costumes

Spooky Season is upon us and these costumes are to die for. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the spirit of fun and creativity with these unique costume ideas inspired by our beloved city of Pittsburgh.

Rosie the Riveter


First up on our list is Rosie the Riveter -- Rosie was created locally by Pittsburgh Artist J. Howard Miller to represent women in the workplace and women's independence.

(photo credit: britannica) 

It's easy! Just a blue top, blue jeans, and her famous polka dot red headband will set this costume up nicely. Add some scrunchies found on our website as an added accessory to the look!

River Goddess

How about a River Goddess straight from the three rivers! 

To help make this come to life choose a long flowing dress or robe with shades of blue or green. You can create a crown with beads, pearls, and shells to accentuate the look

The Small Turquoise Oval Necklace is a beautiful way to accessorize this costume.

The Floating White Pearl Necklace will also pair beautifully to create the essence of water for this costume. Layer necklaces to mimic the movement of water droplets!


Heinz Ketchup Bottle



Since we're DIY-ing this one, you should start with a red-colored body suit and print or draw the Heinz Ketchup logo onto the front of the costume. 

If you want to create a cap: Using foam cut out a circular piece that can fit over your head and keep it white to act as the ketchup top.

Add our Ketchup Dog Toy to carry as a prop then gift it to your furry friend afterwards!

Kenny Pickett

If the Steelers are your jam, dress up like the Pittsburgh QB. All you need is a Steeler's hat, a Pickett jersey, and a football. Add on your favorite pair of jeans and you've got yourself a Kenny Pickett clone! Maybe get a mullet haircut too ;)

Pittsburgh Fanatic



Be a local jag or a yinzer this Halloween! Walk the walk and talk the talk with some local finds right here. Start with our Tees and bring along our Rivers Stripe Koozie and a Pittsburghese dictionary From Ahrn to Yinz. Get yourself a famous terrible towel and you'll be the quintessential Pittsburgher!





The Pierogi necklace is the ideal accessory to wear when you decide to dress up as a pierogi for Halloween.

Start with a neutral colored bodysuit or a long-sleeved shirt and pants in a pale yellow. Use foam and felt to create 2 sides of the pierogi and attach to your clothes with velcro or straps to wear on your shoulders. Add a chef's hat and poof, you are the cutest pierogi in town.

We can't wait to see what you do with these costume ideas! Be sure to tag us on instagram: @lovepittsburghshop

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