Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

We had so much fun with our gift box and product photo shoot. I wanted to share with yinz some of the cool things that happened behind the scenes.

Director of Photography

We had the perfect evening and lighting for a great product shoot with Sarah from Rose Colored CreativeMonica and Kelly worked on the plans for the shoot and knew what items were to be featured well ahead of time. For several days they were gathering props and goods before the shop closed early for the day.
During the shoot, Monica would spontaneously fill each scene with some natural props including eucalyptus, dried oranges, and moss; thoughtfully placing items in the shot. Kelly made sure all of the products were prepped for the next lay down while looking their best by ironing clothes and tea towels. 

Natural Props

Sophia (our summer intern) and I made dried fruit garlands for a magical window view. The dried fruit looks like tiny stained glass windows with the light shining through. Be sure to check out the garlands when visiting both shops.

Sophie and Kelly gathered their vintage heirlooms, which make appearances in most of the photos. The kids and baby photos really shine with treasured quilts from their collections. The jewelry products were showcased with natural elements of moss, mini mushrooms, and lichen-covered branches that Kelly and I collected from our yards.

Star Models

Sophia and Macie (Kelly's pup) were our featured models. They both played it up for sweet photos with some of our new products; like our doggie treats, mini mushroom dogdanna, and love, sweatshirt.

We are beyond excited to share them with you!

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