Fun with Plum

Fun with Plum

As leaves turn from green to vibrant colors of orange, red, and gold, one shade often goes underestimated - the enchanting hue of plum. For this fall season, we want to explore the world of plum, as not only a color but also as a mindset. Join us on our journey to find fun with plum!

Deep Aroma

Cleanse your space with lavender scents to inspire the calm intention of the season. Light up a Lavender and Sage Candle or burn a Lavender Incense and indulge in the soothing aroma.


Keeping Cozy

Elevate your autumn attire with our new luxuriously soft Heather Maroon Logo Tee! As a gentle red transforms into a rich plum, this tee seamlessly combines coziness with this season's palette. 


Sweet Honey

After a long day, there's nothing quite like a soothing refresher to help you relax and unwind. Add some spice and fun to your tea (or cocktail) with our Vanilla Bean + Lavender Honey!

Postcard Journey

Pittsburgh is a city that invites exploration and discovery. Let your loved one's know that you are thinking of them in a personal and thoughtful way with our Babylon Pittsburgh Postcard or Electric Incline Postcard. Nothing beats a handwritten note, we want you to experience the anticipation and fun that comes along with writing!



Find more treasures in this season's One-of-a-kind Collection: Become Plum


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