Back-to-School Advice

Back-to-School Advice

The familiar scent of fresh notebooks and the excitement of reuniting with friends signal the start of a new school year! Whether you're a wide-eyed freshman stepping onto campus for the first time or a seasoned student returning to familiar hallways, we compiled sweet advice from students on our Dream Team.


Vianne, a rising senior, has some advice that she’s taken to heart over her past three years at Pitt: “Joining student organizations has been a crucial part of my college experience – I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. Not only have I developed professionally and grown as an individual, but I’ve also found my closest friends. Entering college can be challenging and overwhelming, but getting involved on campus is the best way to ease those worries. Regardless of the club, putting yourself out there is something you’ll be grateful for in the future!” 


My back to school advice would definitely be to get involved! Getting involved in extracurriculars and taking on a position of leadership is a great way to enhance your skills. It's also a great way to meet new people and make long lasting friendships!


My back-to-school advice is to trust yourself, create a comfortable space, and get involved! Adjusting to a new environment is exciting but can be overwhelming. Trusting yourself and being in tune with your feelings during change will help you feel secure and confident. Additionally, creating a comfortable space can help with motivation and overall mood. Getting involved in clubs is the best choice I have made since starting college. I have met many people with different backgrounds and experiences- you learn so much! 


My back to school advice is to be patient with yourself, starting a new year of school can be scary because there is a lot of new things to adjust to! Make sure you're taking some time for yourself, get a coffee, read a book, or go for a walk! Don't be afraid to communicate with your professors, they may seem scary but they want to see you succeed! Also invest in a good water bottle because staying hydrated is the key to success! 

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