At Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas

At Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas

This Valentine's Day may look a little different than the norm, but that doesn't mean there's any less love. We've curated 5 fun and safe at home dates for you!

Recreate Your First Date

Did you go to the movies? See a concert? Grab a cup a coffee? Whatever it was, recreate it at home for a fun Valentine's date. This will be a fun way to remember what made you fall for them on that first date. Pop some popcorn and rent the movie you two went to see. Dim the lights, put on Spotify, and rock out to the band you saw in concert together. Get creative in the kitchen and whip up lattes for a coffee shop at home date.


Write A Love Letter

You may be spending this Valentine's Day apart from the one you love, which is the perfect opportunity to write a love letter! Get some cute stationery (we have some in the shop!) and get personal on paper with your Valentine. Make sure to tell them some of your favorite things about your relationship and why you love them. This is something they'll keep forever and will always remind you of Valentine's Day 2021.


Get Fancy, At Home

Everyone loves dressing up for a night out, but this Valentine's Day is a little different. To play it safe, get fancy at home. Dress up in your best dress or suit and cook an elegant dinner with your partner. Stuff your face, take photos, and pretend you're having a night out on the town from the safety of your own home. You'll love to look back on this Valentine's Day in a few years when everything is "normal" again!


Virtual Cocktails

If you're looking for some virtual fun, try a virtual cocktail hour with your Valentine's Day date. Prepare cocktail ingredients in advance, connect on Zoom or FaceTime, and get creative with your mixing and tasting! This is a great date for newer couples or couples trying to stay socially distant.


Museum At Home

Print out some of your favorite famous (or not so famous) art and tape them up in different rooms of your house. Go on a museum date and walk around admiring the art. If you want to get really creative, get some easels and paint to create your own masterpiece after you admire the others!

We hope no matter what you get into this Valentine's Day, it's safe, fun, and full of love! We'd love to see your creativite at-home dates. Tag us @lovepittsburgshop

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