April Fools (In Love)

April Fools (In Love)

A and C were going to prank their friend... but they just letter B

Hahaha! I LOVE corny jokes, and especially love the first of April. Why?

It's my anniversary

Today is actually my wedding anniversary. Don and I got super low-key married at New York City Hall over 20 years ago. So this is an extra special day for me. The morning we were going to City Hall, Don called my dad here in Pittsburgh to request his “blessing.” My dad replied with one question: “April Fools?” T'was no joke and we were married later that day! My dad did wish us well, and we celebrated with family and friends several months later. A joyful party on a sweltering hot July night was had at the Brooklyn Brewery. Cheers to many many more years, Don.

April fools' pranks

Wanna stir up a little fun today? Here are just a few ideas for inspiration:

- Take a screenshot of your coworker or friend’s computer (or phone desktop), and leave the picture up so that they can’t figure out why nothing on their desktop is opening!

-Strategically pat someone on the back while leaving behind a sticky note!

-Sparkle bomb! Mail an envelope filled with glitter

-Make caramel apples, but use onions instead!

Ready for more family friendly pranks? Here is a link for you: April Fools 

April fools' day humor

Question: Where did the general keep her armys?

Answer: up her sleevies!

If you are also into cornball jokes, read on for some real groaners here:



and more jokes

Happy April Fools' Day (and Anniversary)

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